ALTA / NSPS Surveys

A commercial building is sold. Or perhaps a large addition is underway. Maybe it’s being refinanced. Whatever the reason, it now needs a survey that will detail property and right-of-way lines, roads, structures, encroachments, and easements of record. Or maybe even more. These are the primary components of the ALTA/NSPS (National Society Of Professional Surveyors) survey. Predicated on established specifications from the American Land Title Association/American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, these surveys require precision handling with no exception. Even prior to survey work at the site, these jobs are thoroughly researched for deeds, utility records, recorded subdivisions, and zoning and flood information. After the research is complete, our field crews will arrive at your site equipped with electronic data collectors, GPS receivers and or robotic instruments. Then their data is brought back to our office for mapping by our staff technicians who utilize highly efficient AutoCAD programs that work directly with downloaded field data. It’s checked and rechecked. Then a finished map is delivered to you right on time.

Our staff has extensive experience with ALTA/NSPS (National Society Of Professional Surveyors) surveys, and has professionally prepared these for numerous commercial and industrial developments across northeastern Ohio. We understand the importance of detailing improvements and easements of record in a neat and orderly manner. This will enable other real estate professionals to make intelligent decisions on matters of title. We pride ourselves in the detail and accuracy of our maps. We will make sure that your survey is delivered to you correctly the first time and in time for your closing.

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