Boundary Surveys

Determine your ownership limit; call us for your boundary survey. Whether for one residence or for an industrial corporation limit, we can make that determination. Our field crews will note ownership of fences, improvements, structures, even landscaping. Iron pin monuments will be placed at property corners with fluorescent caps which bear our seal and professional registration number. And if desired, we can map it, too. Our technicians will show pin placement, locations of improvements at or near the property lines, encroachments and known easements of record.

Our experience and knowledge of boundary determinations extend to lakefront properties where water edges and embankments are a significant concern. We have prepared shoreline delineation surveys and submerged land lease descriptions for ODNR submission. With our GPS receivers we can save you time and money and can handle any situation.

We can also assist in determining the feasibility of dividing land into two or more parcels. We’ll research zoning ordinances, then locate improvements on the land to ensure the new dividing line goes in the best possible location. After field work is performed, mapping technicians will prepare a map of partition. This will be presented on Mylar with all the required local and county approvals. A legal description will be included to accurately describe the new parcels. Upon completion of the survey, we can assist in getting the appropriate approvals, or in recording your documents.

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