GPS Services

Dempsey Surveying utilizes real time GPS receivers to establish accurate horizontal and vertical control for large scale mapping projects. This data related to geography can be tied to the National Spatial Reference System or the Ohio State Plane Coordinate System. We use cell phone technology to communicate with ODOT base stations and by doing so can obtain centimeter accuracy in seconds. Mapping based on this system enhances the efficiency in exchanging mapping information with others.

There are many cost saving benefits as well. Real time GPS equipment can provide real world locations in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional surveying equipment. Reducing the amount of field time will enable us to keep your surveying costs down and at the same time keep your project on schedule. We can collect data in the field and transmit it in Shape, Land XML or ASCI format. We can transmit this data as it’s collected through cell phone technology to clients equipped with ARC GIS Server or e-mail it when convenient. Please be assured that we will look for every opportunity to streamline our services and keep our costs competitive.

Our GPS surveys are an effective method for establishing horizontal and vertical control for aerial photography, cadastral mapping, pipeline, and other utility surveys. By establishing accurate horizontal and vertical control for your project, we help eliminate the possibility of any overlaps or gaps in your mapping database. Utilizing our data will ensure your mapping project is based on a universal system acceptance and recognized by other mapping agencies. We have set precise control monuments for different municipalities. Having a physical monument in the ground can serve as a valuable reference point for others to calibrate their equipment to or work from.

Our firm has a close working relationship with several aerial mapping firms. We have combined our resources and expertise with theirs to produce accurate topographic maps. These maps will help you determine drainage patterns, density, and other important land features. The information can be provided in a layering system that separates tax parcels, property owner identification, underground utility lines, land areas and other important features. This can provide an excellent framework for a startup GIS project.

In addition to GPS surveys, we can offer assistance in planning your GIS project. The services we offer include project control, asset inventory, data collection, mapping and system support.

For further information on GPS or GIS, or any other professional services offered by Dempsey Surveying, just send us an email at or call us at 216-226-1130 Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM, eastern time. A company representative will be available to answer questions relating to your specific project.