The following is a brief sample of projects surveyed by Dempsey Surveying Company or under the direct supervision of Christopher J. Dempsey, P.S.:

St. Gobain, Troy Township, Ohio
Boundary and topographic survey, construction staking, lot consolidation for 85,000 square foot building on a 12-acre site.

Philipps Medical Building, Highland Heights, Ohio
Topographic and ALTA/ACSM survey, construction staking for 172,000 square foot building on a 10-acre site.

Diamond Center One, Glenwillow, Ohio
Construction staking for 400,000 square foot building on industrial office warehouse site.

Diamond Business Park, Glenwillow, Ohio
Industrial business park over 160 acres. Provided the subdivision plat and performed lot splits, topos, and construction staking as development continued.

AMT Building, Brecksville Woods Corporate Park, Brecksville, Ohio
Platting and construction staking for 75-acre site.

Aurora Plastics, Streetsboro, Ohio
Boundary and topographic survey, construction staking, and ALTA/ACSM survey for 130,000 square foot building area.

L’Oreal, USA, Streetsboro, Ohio
This expansive surveying project for L’oreal’s distribution warehouse and office buildings encompassed nearly 1,000,000 square feet of building space on 56 acres. Provided the initial existing conditions survey, platting, and construction staking.

Parma Industrial Park, Parma, Ohio
Large industrial park. Replatted and subdivided the property. Performed construction staking for building foundations, underground utilities, column lines, mass grading, and pavement.

Brecksville Industrial Park, Brecksville, Ohio
Performed an ALTA/ACSM, topographic, and tree survey on an 84-acre site for commercial development.

Stow Commerce Center, Stow, Ohio
Prepared the subdivision plat and topographic survey for this 60-acre commercial development. Staked the roadways, utilities, and industrial buildings.

Cole National/Things Remembered, Jackson Township, Ohio
Performed an ALTA/ACSM survey for 31-acre industrial development.

Cole National/Things Remembered, Highland Heights, Ohio,
Performed an ALTA/ACSM survey for 13-acre industrial development.

Laich Industrial Parkway, Brook Park, Ohio
We provided all construction staking for clearing, utilities, grading, and pavement.

General Motors, Parma, Ohio
Provided precise leveling and alignment for new presses being installed at the Cleveland Body Plant.

Interstate Commerce Center, Streetsboro, Ohio
290-acre industrial park. We provided construction staking for roads, utilities, and buildings. Additionally, we prepared multiple survey plats for street dedications and land subdividing.

Roll and Hold, Macedonia, Ohio
68-acre industrial park. Provided staking for roadways, site utilities, railroad spurs, and industrial facilities.