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    Dempsey Surveying Company | Lakewood

    We maintain over 50 years of survey records & most important professional staff committed to satisfying all of the needs of our clients in a timely and accurate fashion. Our services are used to facilitate land partition, property transfer, site development, as-builts, fence layout, site design, GIS Mapping and the layout of new improvements. Over the years, our firm has strived to be a leader in new technology. Our field crews are equipped with real time GPS receivers, robotic and reflectorless total stations, and data collectors. Our office staff uses AutoCAD, Eaglepoint and ARC GIS software. We have streamlined communication through the use of wireless technology. Our office staff can send and receive data to and from our field crews instantly. We can even link this field data to a client equipped with ARC Server.

    ALTA ACSM Surveys

    A commercial building is sold. Or perhaps a large addition is underway. Maybe it’s being refinanced. Whatever the reason, it now needs a survey that will detail property and right-of-way lines, roads, structures,encroachments, and easements of record.

    Boundary Location

    Determine your ownership limit; call us for your boundary survey. Whether for one residence or for an industrial corporation limit, we can make that determination.

    Topographic Surveys

    Contours. Drainage patterns. Buildings. Roads. Parking Areas. Utilities. Density. All critical features of a topographic survey needed prior to new construction, or to determine project feasibility.

    GPS Services

    Dempsey Surveying utilizes real time GPS receivers to establish accurate horizontal and vertical control for large scale mapping projects. This data related to geography can be tied to the National Spatial Reference System or the Ohio State Plane Coordinate System.

    Construction Staking

    Construction staking is a primary and integral part of any new roadway or construction development. It should be performed to a high degree of accuracy and on schedule to facilitate the trades that follow.

    FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates

    He highly accredited team of land surveyors at Dempsey Surveying Company is qualified to execute elevation surveys and to determine the final floor elevation of your structure in correlation to the base flood elevation.

    Surface Model TINS

    Machine control is a state-of-the-art technology utilizing GPS (Global Positioning System) that will benefit and deliver greater efficiencies and cost savings to contractors. Machine control is an on-board computer system.

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