Surface Model TINS

Providing machine control-data preparation and 3D surface modeling for today’s contractor:

Machine control is a state-of-the-art technology utilizing GPS (Global Positioning System) that will benefit and deliver greater efficiencies and cost savings to contractors. Machine control is an on-board computer system that provides elevation points connected together to form triangular planes on the surveyed surface more efficiently than the older methods. We can take a printed set of plan drawings, which are two dimensional, and convert them to three-dimensional digital surface model TINs. Machine control also allows excavators to streamline time and accuracy. The dozer can operate on its own without construction staking or a grade checker. Machine control will save time, money, and paperwork for the contractor!

What Dempsey Surveying Company will provide:

• We will provide accurate roadway models that are based on true horizontal and vertical alignments and cross sections. We can tailor the accuracy level of the surface model to meet your needs by adding the full grading limits of the roadway, or providing detailed road intersection models that reflect the true curb radii and grades based on plan detail sheets.

• We can establish your on-site GPS control in addition to doing your data preparation. This will ensure that your data files and your control points are fully integrated. We can establish accurate vertical control on the job site using conventional means to ensure good vertical control, and we can establish reference points and benchmarks on site to enable the contractor to make accuracy checks on their measurements.

• We can provide linework files that will allow the machine operator to visualize on-screen where the operator is on the job site. Information in the linework file can be tailored to the client’s requirements.

• In addition to the surface model, we can also provide alignment files that will allow the user to navigate to any location on site by station and offset in addition to XYZ coordinates.

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