Topographic Surveys

Contours. Drainage patterns. Buildings. Roads. Parking Areas. Utilities. Density. All critical features of a topographic survey needed prior to new construction, or to determine project feasibility. Our field crews skilled in total station data collection electronically record XYZ locations of ground points. We use modern total stations and GPS receivers. Physical objects are coded in the field and mapped as symbols when downloaded from data collectors to AutoCAD mapping programs. All pertinent information is mapped in a standard, easy to read format for use by project design and construction trades. Plus, we can email it. It’s highly accurate and highly efficient.

Our staff is experienced with determining and mapping the topography of any size site. For large sites, we can supplement our services with aerial photography and mapping. Combining our efforts with a qualified aerial mapping company will ensure your work is done on time and on budget.

Our firm has prepared many shoreline surveys along Lake Erie, Sandusky Bay, and many rivers that have been used for submerged land leases. In recent years there have been changes in riparians through case law and by the governor of the State of Ohio. We understand ODNR survey requirements and will make sure that your survey along the water is handled in a professional manner.

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